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Based on the principle on “actions” through the spirit of love, ORiTRa Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing the culmination of beauty and health through top-quality products and all-hand treatments.

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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

The Little Prince[Edited by Antoine de Saint Exupery]

At the age of globalization where the information has been disseminated from various sources, it has become harder to judge what is right or wrong. However, no matter how much time passes by, the fact that “we see essential things through the heart not the eyes” remains perpetual. ORiTRa will continue providing the best services and products to customers who wish to have the best beauty and health, based on the belief that true beauty cannot be seen from the eyes but from the heart.

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The stress accumulated at the subconscious level through your busy life can be relieved by the high-quality all-hand treatments meticulously customized according to each individual`s mind and body. By maintaining the circulation of energy in the meridian, we can prevent the deterioration of physical and mental conditions through the best relaxation.


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Fasting is an effective way to relieve and rejuvenate internal organs system to a better state. The platinum nanocolloids suppresses and eliminates excessive active oxygen that damages brain and body cells. We offer products to promote your beautiful and active life.

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