- Anantara -

The word “Anantra” means “infinity” in Sanskrit. According to the Eastern thought, people are a part of the infinite universe, and the infinite universe originates life energy.
Today, sciences and technologies are highly developed to make people’s lives more convenient and comfortable. However, people lives are likely to get more stressful, either from 24/7 busy lifestyles or more complicated interpersonal relationships. As stress itself is not easily noticeable, individuals can unconsciously accumulate stress through daily tight schedules.Unaware of the illness gradually manifesting, one may keep repeating “I can still do it” “I can try harder”, and finally suffers from the deterioration of physical and mental health. Before reaching that stage, we aim to provide customized products and treatments according to the needs of each individual with diverse physical and mental conditions. We focus on the improvement of blood, Qi, and water circulation in the body. We understand how busy you are on a daily basis and that you are vulnerable to stress and tiredness. With this realization, we are dedicated to developing products and treatments that suit your lifestyles for the culmination of your health and beauty.

Brand products

  • Horucerun Cover

    The so-called “ions” energy emitted from the stretcher pillow, controlled energy from the cover with frequency of light and vibration force enhances circulation of Qi. By gently putting your body weight over the pillow, you will enjoy relaxation through stretching from shoulders to the waist. The tension on your core back muscles will be relieved which results in the proper placement of the skeleton. Hurucerun Cover is a perfect getaway from stressful society, as it nurtures mind and body exhaustion. The results are healing, harmony, and relaxation.
  • Reflex Ball

    The Reflex Ball helps adjusting circulation of acupoint meridians. Thanks to the combination of frequency emitted from Rear Earth with the property of light that vibrates 1 trillion time per second, and Hormesis effect and negative ion generated from radium, the ball releases gentle magnetic wave specifically to adjust physical conditions prone to edema. The high rate of blackbody emissivity relieves physical and mental exhaustion by enhancing the circulation of Qi, leading to mind and body relaxation and harmony. With these qualifications, the everyday life will become tremendously more refreshing by nurturing mind and body simultaneously.