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We are dedicated to expertising in autophagy and win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Autophagy is a system in the body that rejuvenates the old cells by the change in hunger period and calories deficit. Doesn`t everybody desire for healthier and more youthful lives? The term “fasting” which has lately provoked interest among athletes and celebrities, is not a complete fasting but intermittent fasting. It is a method that allows internal organs to rest and refresh after continuously working on a daily basis. It is also better known that overabsorption undermines excretion system. Importantly, the acids in trans fat and chemical substances reportedly exacerbate excretion system. For these reasons, controlling the amount of excessive digestion once a day is a key to support the transformation of energy into excretion system. For those who wish for ageless lives, IKU series proudly presents a new fasting product especially designed for your ideal self.

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    Aguahe exhibits mild female sex hormone similar to estrogen deficiency state.
    It is a highly recommended supplement for those who wish for flourishing life stage. According to the empirical findings from a research conducted by Harvard University, Aglycone-type isoflavones can subdivide fat cells. Eqoul produced by fermentation arranges powerful rust. A combination of reportedly self-care enrichment ingredients specifically designed to promote health and beauty such as adiponectin leads to high psychical and mental confidence.

    Proanthocyanidins, a substance reported to have anti-aging and exercise recovery effect is commonly found in tart cherry. As cited by a winner of Nobel Prize in the field of Physiology, the multiple ingredients in the production enhances the immune system with high concentration. Ginsenoside CK and red ginseng extracts obtained from the fermentation process features 11 times higher degree of mitochondrial activity. This is a perfect combination of ingredients to promote health and beauty to nurture mind and body.
  • Platinum Photonics Plus

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    Reactive oxygen is a substance extracted from the mitochondria`s energy-producing activity through oxygen inhalation. It also has distinct characteristic of oxidization (with rust) which effectively sterilize a decomposed bacteria and viruses in the body (rust attack). While this process is indispensable for survival, the excessive amount of active oxygen may pose negative effects on several brain and body cells. Thanks to the qualifications of Radon, the mitochondrial circuit is transformed into inert gas to be excreted from the body within 30 minutes. By properly controlling the amount of active oxygen and its power of platinum nanocolloids, the infinite flourishing life is achievable. Platinum Photonics Plus is invented to promote active and cheerful life.